Our Partners

Learn about the projects we support and how we ensure our offsets are of the highest quality.
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Our Offsets

  • UN SDG Wheel
    7 UN SDGs
    Our offsetting partners meet 7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Illustration of a woman planting trees.
    Secure Employment
    Support poverty alleviation by providing secure employment to workers in low income countries.
  • Cartoon illustration of three pine trees.
    0% Monocultures
    Our partners guarantee a good species mix, ensuring sustainable growth of native woodlands.

Eden Reforestation Projects

This project focusses on reforestation of mangrove forests in Mozambique. The planting and maintenance of these new forests are carried out by locals, creating a second focus on poverty alleviation. Working with locals, Eden Reforestation Projects ensure the longevity of the carbon sinks, alongside positive ecological, environmental and social impacts. The link with local communities and the environmental implications of this project mean that it satisfies 7 of the UN sustainable development goals. 

Project Partner

Forest Carbon

Forest Carbon supports the creation of new woodlands all over the UK. All projects are certified under the UK government's Woodland Carbon Code - operated by the Forestry Commission. The code ensures the right species mix, consideration for landscape, biodiversity and watercourses, and high quality management and monitoring. To date Forest Carbon and partners have planted nine million trees in 170+ new UK woodlands.

Project Partner

How do we pick our partners?

We hold our partners to the highest standards, ensuring that sustainability and integrity are at their core. All our offsets meet the following criteria:
  • 1
    Adding value
    Carbon savings won't go ahead without the money we invest.
  • 2
    Robust processes to ensure carbon is offset as described.
  • 3
    Carbon savings will be sustained over time ensuring longevity.

Want to apply to be a partner?

We are always looking for new project partners carrying out exciting offsetting schemes. If this sounds like you please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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