Forest Carbon

Creating new native woodlands in the UK

With your help, we directly fund the planting of new woodlands made up of native species right here in the United Kingdom. Read on to find out why we think Forest Carbon provide a refreshingly holistic approach to forestry which is at the absolute forefront of best-practice.

A photograph of a typical woodland in the Scottish Highlands taken by our co-founder, Tristan.

Where are your trees planted?

The site we support connects two areas of existing mature native Oak woodlands (both of which are formally designated for conservation as Sites of Special Scientific Interest). The woodland will be planted with feathered upper edges to improve habitats for local fauna such as Black Grouse.

New woodlands. There for the long-term.

Trees only pull carbon out of the atmosphere while they grow. Sustainable forestry practices make it possible to maintain and extend the environmental benefits of the woodland far into the future once the trees have grown to full maturity by thinning and re-planting on a 100-year rotation.

Verifying Your Offsets

When you offset with SettleUp Earth, you can rest assured that each tonne of carbon you offset is fully backed by a carbon credit.

The Woodland Carbon Code

This is a framework established by the UK government and operated by the Forestry Commission which seeks to monitor and assess the actual amount of carbon sequestered by a woodland. Typically, 6 months after planting inspectors will assess factors such as species mix, growth rate, planting density and soil composition in order to issue carbon credits. Each woodland is then assessed on a rolling basis.

Avoiding Double-Counting Carbon Credits

Carbon credits are assigned to SettleUp Earth on your behalf when you make contributions through us. Crucially, credits are ‘retired’ when they are issued. This means that they cannot subsequently be traded on the secondary market, hence avoiding ‘double-accounting’ of the carbon sequestered.

Why Use Carbon Credits?

Carbon credits are globally recognised as certification that 1 tonne of CO2e has been removed from the atmosphere.

Leaves covered in raindrops.

Nature Based Solutions

  • Habitat Creation
    The site we support is carefully planned with nature in mind, creating habitats for wildlife.
  • Flood Mitigation
    Trees stabilise soil and help create natural defences for flooding.
  • Cleaner Air
    Offets are only part of the story. Woodland also helps releive air pollution.

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