About Us

SettleUp Earth was founded so that each person can combat the climate crisis every day.

Who are we?

Welcome to our platform. Our team created SettleUp Earth to allow people to offset the carbon emissions produced throughout their day-to-day life via a simple, personalised subscription. Generally for less than the cost of a coffee a week. Our team are passionate about allowing people to affect the climate crisis in a quick easy way and our platform helps each person do that.

How can we help you become carbon negative or neutral?

Our platform can help you to calculate your carbon footprint, understand how to reduce this and finally help you to offset your emissions, or even go carbon negative, through collaboration with our carefully selected partners. There are a number of ways to offset emissions, we are currently focusing on reforestation projects as our principal offsetting schemes. However, we will be introducing more in future.

Sounds exciting, how do I sign up?

We're currently building the platform with a plan to launch in the coming months. If you can't wait to get started and want to offset right away, you can join the queue to take part in the beta testing of our product. By doing this you can support our goal and give us valuable feedback before launch,

Can't wait to sign up?

Join our beta-launch queue. Once you reach the top of the queue you will get early access to our subscription product.

Meet the team

  • James Foote
    James is currently a PhD student working on producing bio-degradable polymers. He is passionate about science and technology alongside the environment with previous experience running a bio-fuel startup.

    In his spare time he is a keen runner and climber.
  • Tristan Dell
    Whilst studying for his PhD, Tristan decided to turn to his passion for the outdoors and focus on environmental projects.

    As a regular climber, hiker and longstanding proponent of exploring wild places, the step towards protecting them was an obvious one.
  • Professor Niall Mac Dowell
    Non-Executive Director
    Niall is a professor at Imperial College London working on the transition to a low-carbon economy. He is a member of the Centre for Environmental Policy, the Technical Working Group of the Zero Emissions Platform, and the Carbon Capture and Storage Association.

    He will advise us on strategy, ensuring that our offsets meet the highest standards.

Making collective action work

The more people we get on-board, the bigger our potential impact on the environment. Please share this website if you'd like to help with this mission.
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