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Calculate your emissions. Then offset them monthly. 

How does it work?

  • Calculate your carbon emissions
  • Pick your offsetting scheme
  • See your offset grow

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Why Us?


Our carbon calculator

Designed with help from world leading experts. So you can trust that we accurately quantify your footprint. 


Our Offsets

We only work with the best partners. To find out more about our partners click below.


Your impact

Monthly updates on your impact. The number of trees planted, carbon offset and number of work hours provided. 

    Offset your day to day emissions. For less than the price of a coffee a week.  


    • Our Impact

      Our measures of success are CO2 removed and trees planted. We do all we can to maximise the impact of your contributions.

    • 87.5%

      The proportion of contributions going directly to our offsetting partners. This is higher than most NGOs.

    • 12.5%

      The rest is used to convince more people to commit to becoming climate positive, growing our positive impact.

    Commit to becoming climate positive.

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